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MM's Corner


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Courting Powder

Posted by Mother Moon on August 23, 2016 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (3)

This powder is best used in rituals where the target is not responding to the querent's advances.

It can also affirm the desire of marriage and/or long term committment. 

All you need is a whole lily of the valley plant.

You need the flowers, leaves and stem. Youll probably have to buy your plant from a greenhouse but if you're feeling up for a challenge, grow your own!

Pluck your plant from its soil - cut off the root and then hang upside down until its completely dry.

Then simply powder in a food processor or by hand with your motar and pestle. 

You can use this as a sprinkling powder, in incense and as an annointing herb when mixed with a drop of oil. 

NEVER ingest this plant or use in potions/tinctures that will be ingested as it is poisonous! 

Confusion Mojo Bag

Posted by Mother Moon on August 23, 2016 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (5)

This mojo bag is old, old hoodoo.

It can cause confusion in those who are hexing or trying to hex you. The mojo makes it so that energy of ill intent cannot adhere to you and literally casts it off.

Use a black pouch for this mojo bag.

Equal parts of:
1. Vetivert
2. Lavender 
3. Galangal

4. A black shoelace from your own shoe
If you dont have a black shoelace, buy one, use it for a week and then create your mojo bag.
Cut the plastic ends off the shoelace. Tie 7 knots throughout the shoelace. Spacing is not important.
Burn/singe the ends using a white candle. 

Place everything into your black mojo bag and carry on your person.

You can also take this same recipe, using a pinch of burnt shoelace ash, and create an incense powder to use in castings where you are breaking a hex or getting rid of unwanted/harmful energies.

Problem Solving Ointment

Posted by Mother Moon on August 23, 2016 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Mix equal parts with motar and pestle until your mixture is pasty.

Mastic Gum

Ground Cinnamon

Myrrh Resin

If your mixture is too dry or dries out, add a drop or two of sunflower oil.

Annoint your forehead and behind the ears to clear the mind, gain new insight, spark creativity and inspiration.

Crockpot Magick

Posted by Mother Moon on August 11, 2016 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (3)

The process of simmering herbs has been used in magick for as far back as anyone can remember.

These days, we call this process potpourri and it used in many magickal traditions.

To make your own magickal potpouri, all you need is a single serve/ small crockpot and you've got yourself a magickal tool that can be used in thousands of different ways.

And best of all, you can get most of these ingredients at your local whole food supplier or grocery store.

You can also simmer these pot mixtures on the stove but if you plan to do so, add at least 1 more cup of water to each recipe and make sure that you monitor them. Simmer no more than 2 hours.

Purification Pot

This recipe is used to clear useless and stagnant energy, calm a chaotic household and remove tension. 

This pot should only be used when you are able to have a window or door open so that the energies it chases has a way to get out.

2 cups of water

1 tablespoon lemon peel

1 tablespoon lime peel

1 tablespoon rosemary

1 tablespoon spearmint

5 tablespoons peppermint

A pinch of sage


Love Pot

This recipe can be used to enhance and strengthen an already present love (both in the sense of partnership and family), attract new love, calm a chaotic home, and aid you in loving yourself.

2 cups of water

3 tablespoons rose petals 

2 tablespoons camomile 

2 tablespoon lavender

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon (or 2 cinnamon sticks broken into pieces)

1 vanilla bean (or 2 caps of natural vanilla)

You can use this as often as you like. Even daily. 

Money Pot

This recipe is used to remove financial blockages or at least make them clear to you, open opportunity, attract wealth, boost creative wealth and promote prosperity.

2 cups of water

4 tablespoon cardamom seeds

2 tablespoons of whole cloves

2 whole nutmegs (or 1 teaspoon of ground nutmeg)

1 teaspoon ground ginger

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon (or 2 cinnamon sticks broken into pieces)

A great charging mantra that you can use while mixing your ingredients:

These money troubles are not to be; bring financial luck to me!

Protection Pot

This recpie can safeguard your home and family from negative influence and energies. It can also clear a home of negative energy.

This pot should only be used when you are able to have a window or door open so that the energies it chases has a way to get out.

2 cups of water

3 whole bay leaves

1 tablespoon basil

4 tablespoons rosemary

2 tablespoons sage 

1 tablespoon fennel

1 teaspoon whole juniper berries

1 teaspoon dill seed

A pinch of salt

A pinch of garlic - can be dried, fresh or wet

Psychic Pot

This recipe is used to stimulate and enhance your psychic power. You can use this pot during any type of divination endeavor as well as at night to enhance your dreams.

2 cups water

1 tablespoon anise (or 3 whole stars)

1 tablespoon lemongrass

1 tablespoon rose petals

1 tablespoon thyme

3 tablespoons galangal

1/2 teaspoon mace

1/2 teaspoon of saffron

Magickal Pot

This recipe is used to enhance and boost your personal power both before and during any magickal rite.

This mixture should be shut off following your ritual and ingredients should be buried or disposed of in a proper magickal way while still warm.

3 cups water

Petals from one whole red carnation

1 tablespoon ground cloves

2 tablespoons ground ginger

4 tablespoons allspiece

4 tablespoons dried orange peel

Magickal Cinnamon

Posted by Mother Moon on December 22, 2015 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Cinnamon is a staple ingredient for witches all over the world.

Here are just a few ideas for your magickal use.

1. Use it to charge and add energy to your divination tools. Storing a cinnamon stick with your tarot cards, pendulum, runes, etc can actually aid in providing your tools with a more powerful divinatory energy.

2. Use it to purify your home and ritual space. You can add pure cinnamon oil to your diffuser. You can added powdered cinnamon to your loose incense. Or you can even burn a stick of cinnamon by itself.

3. Use it to make a tea. Steep a few cinnamon sticks in hot water and then drink it prior to any psychic endeavor. Cinnamon tea can promote clairvoyancy, mediumship, heightened intuition and prophecy. 

4. Enhance your sex life. Cinnamon oil has been used throughout history to spice up sex lives everywhere. To make your own cinnamon massage oil, simply steep cinnamon sticks in olive or almond oil. I usually use 2 sticks for every 1 cup of oil and steep for 7 days. Be sure to check a small area of your skin before using your oil to make sure you're not allergic or that your oil isnt too strong.

5. Protect your home. Tie bundles of cinnamon sticks with red string and then hang then over your doors. This protects your home from the bad intention of others.

6. Make a mojo bag. Adding cinnamon sticks to mojo bags can promote inspiration and creativity on all levels.

7. Spice up your relationship related magick. Using cinnamon sticks, powder or oil in your love and relationship related spellwork will aid in promoting lust, passion and desire.

Egg in the Earth

Posted by Mother Moon on December 14, 2015 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (6)

The Egg in the Earth spell is known by several names - the frustrated egg, the stress egg, the secret egg, just to name a few.

This spell is a very old, widely known spell that is used by magickal people in many different traditions. It has many variations.

The purpose of the spell is to relieve you of your stress, frustrations, gossip and other things that shouldn't/can't be spoken aloud.


1 egg

In some traditions, the egg that you choose for this spell needs to speak to you in some way, shape or form. Sometimes people choose a brown egg, others white. Some people choose a farm fresh egg while others are content to use one purchased at a grocery store. Some people go as far as to collect a duck or goose egg. The point is, it doesnt really matter where the egg comes from. The magick comes from within yourself, not the egg. BUT, if you feel a pull towards using a certain type of egg, then by all means, do so.

Next, take some time to "fill" the egg with your problems, stress, etc. Whatever it is that is holding you down. You can place the egg in front of you and talk to it OR you can hold the egg to your lips and like whispering a secret, tell it everything you need to get off your chest. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you hold nothing back. Get it all off your chest.

When you're finished, it is time to bury the egg.

The burying of the egg is very symbolic and it is an important part of releasing the energy into the Earth. Choose a place that means something to you. A garden, a park, the grave of a loved one.

Make sure the egg goes into the ground whole. 

And then, just let it go. Let the earth take care of your troubles.

Additional variation:

In old folk magick traditions, the egg in the earth spell is much more personalized.

For women, this means doing the ritual during their monthly cycle and personalizing the egg with menstrual blood (usually done with the initial of their first name just prior to burial or "coloring" the entire egg with menstrual blood).

For men, this means personalizing the egg with their semen (usually done with the initial of their first name just prior to burial or annointing the entire egg).

Personalizing the egg in the above ways is believed to aid the Earth in recognizing and confirming that these are YOUR troubles going into the ground and no one elses.

This all said, if the idea of personalizing your egg in this way disgusts you, then don't do it. In magick, all things that are part of you; that come from you; are important and powerful. But if you're not into that kind of thing, then don't force yourself to do it as it will only add confused energy to your ritual. 


Spirit Buster Dust

Posted by Mother Moon on October 19, 2015 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (6)

An old folk magick remedy for both psychic protection and bothersome spirits.


1 cup coarse sea salt

3 peeled cloves of garlic - you can also use 3 tablspoons of wet store bought garlic with no additives.

1 cup fresh rosemary

Traditionally, one would grind these ingredients using a mortar and pestle but if you've ever ground coarse sea salt by hand, you know its a tiresome task so I recommend using a food processor. 

This mixture should be ground to the point where its almost like a sand.

I recommend storing any left over mixture in a jar in the fridge.

You can sprinkle this around yourself, around the entire outside of your home or anywhere you feel that you need protection in the psychic sense or from spirits/ghosts that have become an issue.

Florida Water - For Spirit Cleansing and Protection

Posted by Mother Moon on September 23, 2015 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (5)

The best way to use Florida water is to make it and keep it in a spray bottle.

There are 2 popular recipes for Florida water.


1 cup of vodka

1 Tbsp turmeric 

8 drops of bergamot essential oil

8 drops of orange essential oil

6 drops of lavender essential oil

3 drops of lemon essential oil

1 drop of rose essential oil

1 drop of neroli essential oil

Once bottled, you should store this mixture in the fridge and shake before each use.


1 cup of vodka

1 Tbsp rosewater

8 drops of bergamot essential oil

6 drops lavender essential oil

6 drops of lemon essential oil

2 drops of pure jasmine essential oil (4 drops if you're using a diluted oil)

2 drops rose essential oil

You can use florida water as a room spray, as a perfume and even in your bath. 

Many people like to spray their bedroom before going to sleep for protection and to promote pleasant dreaming.

The Goetia

Posted by Mother Moon on September 11, 2015 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (8)

The Goetia is the first and most famous of the five books known as the Lemegeton or the Lesser Key of Solomon.

The earliest known copy of the book dates back to 1641 but many scholars suggest that the Goetia is at least 350 years older than that.

The Goetia contains a list of 72 demons and their sigils, also known as seals. Though no one is quite positive on the origin of these seals, they are a necessary product to the process of summoning and binding the 72.

Though many books and scholars of the grimoric tradition agree that there exist demons of an essentially good nature, the 72 are defined specifically as EVIL. 

A popular, and possibly more accurate version of the Goetia is the book Liber Malorum Spirituum - Also known as the Book of Evil Spirits by Dr Thomas Rudd. Though his version also contains a list of 72 demons, there are slight changes to the names and seals. Dr Rudd's seals are simpler than those found in other translations of the Goetia, giving the thought that these other translations may have been elaborated prior to publication.

Liber Malorum Spirituum also contains the names and seals of the 72 angelic counterparts - The angels of the Shemhamphorash. 

It is said that the angels are to be summoned alongside the demons in order to control them.

Many scholars and practitioners are of the belief that Liber Malorum Spirituum is actually a more accurate and earlier version of the Goetia.

The British Museum holds copies of Dr Rudds written collection of manuscripts on various magickal and esoteric subjects. 

For those of you interested in this subject, the following books are recommended:

The Keys to the Gateway of Magic: Summoning the Solomonic Archangels and Demon Princes by Stephen Skinner 

The Goetia of Dr Rudd: The Angels and Demons of Liber Malorum Spirituum Seu Goetia Lemegeton Clavicula Solomonis with a Study of the Techniques of Invocation by Stephen Skinner 

Veritable Key of Solomon (Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic Series) by Stephen Skinner 

The Grimoire of St. Cyprian - Clavis Inferni (Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic) by Stephen Skinner 

Sepher Raziel: A Sixteenth Century English Grimoire (Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic Series) by Stephen Skinner 

Liber Lunae: Book of the Moon & Sepher ha-Levanah (Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic) by Don Karr 

The Magical Treatise of Solomon, or Hygromanteia (Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic Series) by Ioannis Marathakis 

Safe Journeys Talisman

Posted by Mother Moon on September 1, 2015 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (1)

This ritual and subsequent talisman is used to aid in safe, smooth travels.

What you need:

A whole ginger root - it is preferable that the root you choose have some similarities to a human form. Youll notice when shopping the ginger root bin at the grocery store that the roots come in all shapes and sizes. If you can't find one that resembles a human obtain one large enough to carve.

3 pieces of narrow yellow ribbon 

A symbol of yourself or of the traveler - This should be something small enough to fit on your ginger root. Some ideas would be an earring, a ring, a small bit of clothing or even an additional yellow ribbon that you've worn around your wrist for a time prior to the ritual.

A wooden box small enough for travel but large enough to hold the root OR a longer piece of yellow ribbon that you will use to hang your root from the review mirror, shifter, etc.

This rite should be done on a Thursday. 

* Did you know that Thursday is named after Thor, the Norse god of protection and thunder?

Your Mantra:

In every journey of my life, guard me, protect me, keep me safe from strife.

Dress the root with your personal symbol and tie your yellow ribbons around 3 separate places on the root; but never around the neck. As each ribbon is tied, kiss the knot and recite your mantra. All the while, make sure that you're focusing your energetic intent into the heart of the root.

Once completed there are a couple of different ways you can use your talisman. If you've chosen to use a wooden box, simply store your talisman in a cool, dry place but be sure to take it from the box and hold it prior to each trip.

If you've chosen to carry your talisman in your car, you can fashion a holder around the root's body (not the neck) with the additional yellow ribbon (always wear this ribbon around your wrist for a few days prior to the ritual) and then hang it from your rearview mirror, shifter, or whatever. 

This ritual should be recast every 6 months to a year, depending on how often you travel.

Strega Alcoholic Love Potion

Posted by Mother Moon on September 1, 2015 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Strega is the Italian term for witch.

Strega is also a type of Alcohol. It is brewed in the same building where it began in 1860 in the town of Benevento which is one of Italy's most notorious witchcraft regions and by the same family which is now in its 5th generation.

Legend has it that the town of Benevento is the meeting ground for witches from all over the world;).

It is said that Strega was originally brewed as a potion. It is one of the only liquors in the world that contains more than 70 different types of herbs! It is a 100% natural liquor and it gets is beautiful yellow gold coloring from saffron.

Strega was (and still is) prescribed to aid in all kinds of sexually related endeavors -  promoting fertility, consistency in sex, sexual potency, longevity, removal of inhibitions, conception and all kinds of other things.

What you need:

2 cups, glasses or goblets.  These cups/goblets/glasses or whatever you decide to use should have some significance to you. They should mean something. Married couples often like to use their wedding glasses. Vessels like these, when used in love or sex related spellwork are often times called "loving cups." 

6 whole basil leaves.

1/2 teaspoon of whole sage leaves.

Line the bottom of each cup with 1/4 of a teaspoon of sage leaves and then on top of that, 3 basil leaves.

Pour 1/4 cup of strega over the herbs and allow to steep for 1 hour.

While creating your potion, make sure that you're focusing your intent into the herbs, the glasses and the strega itself.

Drink together.

Some people like to prepare 2 glasses each while for some couples, 1 glass each is enough.

Strega is 80 proof and can be purchased in many liquor stores. 

Fasting & the Ever-changing Human Body

Posted by Mother Moon on August 16, 2015 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (8)

Fasting has always been part of magick.

A clean body has a way of awakening and enhancing spiritual awareness and experience.


Contrary to popular belief, not all fasts are created equal.


The purest fast is that which allows only water. Nothing else. No food or drink of any kind except water.


Some fasts require that you only abstain from red meat. Others require abstinence from all meat.

Some fasts require that you not eat anything solid, but allow you to have water, fruit juices and/or broth.

There are even fasts that allow the most basic of meals, but require you to abstain from luxury,  and processed foods and carbonated drinks.


The fasting ritual that you follow when it comes to magickal workings can depend on the tradition and/or the spellwork you're planning to perform.

Many fasts are done prior to traditional celebrations.

Fasting can be as simple as withholding food for a 24 hour period or it can be as extreme as literally living off of water alone for an entire month.


It seems like I've been perpetually fasting in one form or another for as far back as I can remember.

In fact, I fast so often that I have to have a calendar to remind me which fast Im on lol.


When I was young, fasting didn't seem to have any real consequence on my body.

I fasted when it was necessary and I binged afterward for as long as it took for me to feel satisfied.

I would usually lose a few pounds during a long fast, but gain it back within a couple of weeks afterward.

I was always a very slender woman and outside of my pregnancies, never weighed more than 105 pounds.


In my early 30s, I started to notice that there were times when pure fasting and no meat fasting started to really affect my energy levels.

I saw a nutritionist for a time and with a combination of vitamins and changes to my after-fast diet, I was back to normal, fasting whenever I chose.


About 4 years ago, I again started to notice another change. This time, fasting started to affect my body.

At first, during a fast, I would lose a few pounds like I had always done, but afterward, I would gain a few pounds more than I lost.


It took me a year to get my body back under control. I went back to the routine that my original nutritionist had suggested and a different exercise routine and though I wasn't really losing the extra weight, I wasn't gaining anymore either and that was better than no improvement.


I chalked it up to being older and having my last baby via c-section and just moved forward.


Then again, I started to notice that I was gaining more weight (especially around my midsection) after a fast than before even though my diet was natural and pretty healthy. In about 10 months I went from 120 pounds to 135 pounds. On a 5 foot, naturally slender frame, that is a lot of weight. Its 25 pounds more than I was ever used to carrying.


I'd been exercising, watching my diet, taking the supplements that the original nutritionist had recommended and there was NO change.


After consulting with another nutrition specialist. She believes that because of the extreme amount of fasting I've done over the years, I've taught my body that I will starve it and depry it of what it needs often and in order to compensate, it has taken on a mind of its own and decided to store all of the fat that it possibly can just waiting for the next starvation.

And of course, not sleeping long enough or well enough is also part of the issue.


So now, I'm going to be starting a new day and night specific herbal routine (Dr Berg! Google him, he's awesome), a diet that consists of mostly of proteins and veggies, and a low impact exercise routine that is far different from what I had been doing. AND I've promised the nutritionist that I will not fast for 30 days once I get started to see how it goes! The not fasting is going to be the hard part as, like I said, Im always on one fast or another.




I decided to go ahead and share this because I know a lot of you fast and Im hoping that my experience will perhaps help someone else. As women, our bodies are constantly changing anyway, but to feel like your body has completely betrayed you is the worst.


Both before and after a fast, your diet should be high in protein every day. On days that you exercise, carbs are more important than fat and on days that you're resting or doing very little, your fat intake should be higher. Unprocessed, whole foods are very important.


Remember that you are not like everyone else and you have to learn what works for you.

Some people have a huge meal after a fast, others are fine with a snack or a small meal.

Some people take a period of months to work up to a long fast. Start small and only do what you know you and your body can handle.

Make sure that you are getting a good nights rest. If you're not sleeping, get help.

And finally, make sure that you are not fasting for too long or too often.


Posted by Mother Moon on July 20, 2015 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (1)

I get a lot of questions asking whether or not Bakhoor will help strengthen the bond between human and djinn or khodam.

First, what is it?

Bakhoor, also known as Bukhoor, is a traditional Arabic incense that usually comes in brick or chip form.

Its ingredients consist mostly of Agarwood wood soaked in fragrant oils, resins, ambers and musks.

This incense is burned on charcoal tablets in a traditional Mabkhara or Majmor, a type of burner.

Making Bakhoor is an art that is usually passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes the bakhoor is baked, other times it is cooked over fire.

The Bakhoor is traditionally stored in glass as the scent not only lasts longer but also becomes more fragrant over time.

Traditionally Bakhoor is used for:

Special occaions like weddings and other ceremonies.

As a room fragrance and to create a welcoming/inviting feeling within the home or business.

To create a general romantic and loving atmosphere.

To create a positive atmosphere and mood.

To boost creativity.

To negate negative energies, entities and spirits in general and before rituals.

Women especially use the smoke to add a perfumed fragrance to their hair and clothing with the hopes that it will add an erotic air about their person.

It does have some medicinal uses.

It is not traditionally used specifically to enhance the bond between human and entity but it can promote a cleansed, loving, positive atmosphere which is always helpful when it comes to working with entities and spirits.

Due to the conflict in Yemen and other Saudi countries, true Bakhoor is getting hard to find. 

Infusion 101

Posted by Mother Moon on July 15, 2015 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Infusions allow for adding the energy of botanicals to potions, baths, oils, magickal waters, etc.

The standard measurements for water based infusions, unless otherwise noted in a recipe, is 1 teaspon of dried herb or 1 1/2 teaspoons of fresh herb per every 1 cup of water.

So say you have a recipe that calls for 4 different dried herbs and 1 cup of water. Then you would use 1/4 of a teaspoon of each herb.

To create a water infusion:

First boil your water. I like to bring the water to a rolling boil.

While Im waiting I mix my herbs and place them into a container. Depending on what Im creating, I either use jars or bowls. Whatever container you decide upon, make sure its not plastic or it will melt! Also, place your containers in an area where they will not be disturbed - the last thing you want is for one of your children to get burned when they grab for hot jar!

Once your water is boiling, remove it from the stove and pour over your herbal mixture and allow for brewing.

Though the standard brewing time is usually 15 minutes, be sure to follow your recipe as some, more potent infusions, will call for much longer periods of time and sometimes even special storage during the process.

Oil Infusions:

The standard measurements for oil infusions, unless otherwise noted, of course,  is 1 ounce of dried herb or 1 1/2 ounces of fresh herb per every 1 cup of oil.

Oil infusions are quite a bit more elaborate than water infusions and they must be monitored and stired frequently.

Oil infusions call for a double broiler.

First put the water in the broiler. Make sure you only fill it 1/3 of the way or upto the suggested line within the broiler itself. You can go ahead and start heating the water on medium heat.

Next, mix your herbs in the bowl/pot that is placed within the broiler. Pour the oil over the herbs and stir, place the pot within the broiler and cover.

Once the oil starts to simmer, reduce the heat just a bit.

You dont want your infusion to smoke or burn or it will spoil the whole works and it will STINK to high heaven. If your infusion starts to smell acrid or burnt during the process, the infusion is completely ruined and cannot be used.

Check and stir the infusion about once every 5 to 7 minutes.

Your infusion needs to simmer for about 30 minutes. 

Remove the double broiler from the heat. Remove the top section that holds your infusion and leave it on the stove to cool. This will take quite some time. A general rule of thumb is that the pot/bowl should be cool to the touch. 

Once cool, strain your herbs. I tend to use 3 to 5 layers of cheese cloth over a fine strainer as it allows you to strain the herbs completely. Leaving too many herbs in your infusion can cause it to spoil.

If the recipe calls for essential or botanical oils, you can add these after the straining process.

Crock Pot Infusion Method:

You can also use a crock pot instead of a double broiler. Your oil and herb mixuture will need to be heated on the lowest setting for 2 to 3 hours. Again, check and stir your mixture often.

Once cooled, strain and bottle as directed.

Sun Infusion Method:

In order to use this method you're going to have to really depend on the weather.

Use a jar for this process.

Mix your herbs and place them into a jar. Pour the oil over the herbs. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Put the lid on. Shake.

Leave the jar in the sun during the day and, depending on the recipe, during the night, place it in a warm but dark place at night. 

You might have to get creative here. I have found that in the back of my bathroom cabinet is a great place to steep infusions during the nighttime hours. 

Each morning, shake your jar and place it back in the sun.

This process will take from 2 to 6 weeks to complete depending on the recipe.

If, in the middle of your infusion process you happen to have a rainy day. I recommend placing your jar (on a pan) in the oven on 250 degrees for 30 minutes twice during daylight hours to keep the process regular.

MAKE SURE that the jar is oven proof.

If you've used a container that isnt oven proof, you can heat up a pot of water. Once boiling, remove from heat and place the jar within. Leave until the water is luke warm to the touch.

IMPORTANT: If you are making oil infusions in large quantities (anything that will not be used up in a couple of weeks), or to bottle individually you will have to use a preservative to keep them from spoiling.  1 teaspoon of Simple Tincture of Benzoin per 4 cups of infusion is what I recommend. Add the benzoin just prior to bottling.

Lucky Daisy Chain

Posted by Mother Moon on July 14, 2015 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (1)

Did you ever make daisy chains as a child?

When I was young, it was pretty common to see many of the young girls in our neighborhood with daisy chains upon their heads thanks to my grandmother who had an entire field of daisies behind her house.

So where did the idea behind daisy chains come from?

Daisy comes from the term "day's eye," as the daisy opens at daybreak and closes at dusk.

It is a symbol of luck, innocense, and survival.

During midieval times, knights wore daisies as tokens of love.

Daisies were often plucked and placed under pillows to promote dreams of love and of lovers.

They are also carried in yellow pouches in a purse or worn about the neck to attract a general sort of luck.

Daisy chains, often crafted by a mother, grandmother or soon to be mother in law, have been worn upon the heads of brides and bridesmaids as symbols of luck, love and committment for as far back as anyone can remember.

Did you know that a daisy can adapt to almost any growing conditions? Its true. They can be planted almost anywhere.

A daisy can be mowed down, picked and trampled on and still, each year, the flower will grow back. can you make your own daisy chain?

Find some daisies - they can be wild or purchased or even grown in your own little garden.

Youll need enough to create a crown.

Take your thumbnail and slit a small hole in the stem of each daisy.  Youll want to do this in lower portion of the stem just high enough to make it stable. Then take the next daisy and gently pull the stem of the daisy through the hole you created with your thumbnail.

Do this over and over again until your string of daisies is big enough to encircle the top of your head.

Once you're ready to connect the daisies, create another slit in the stem of the first daisy towards the top of the flower and insert the head of the last daisy to complete your circle.

Celtic Prescription for Pregnancy

Posted by Mother Moon on July 7, 2015 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

The old celts often prescribed a strict diet, now referred to as the Oimelc Diet, when it came to fertility and conception.

Oimelc is the celtic term for both ewes milk and the early part of February when the new lambs are birthed. 

When you decide that its time to conceive simply incorporate pasturized ewes milk, yogurt, hazelnuts and honey into your daily diet. 

Though now days, ewe's milk is considered to be a "new age health fad," in the past it was an essential dietary staple and one that was often used over cows milk as it is easier to digest. 

Freezer Ritual

Posted by Mother Moon on June 16, 2015 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (4)

Spells on Ice are old hoodoo magick. They come to us from a time before electricity when practitioners were utilizing ice from wintery ponds, lakes and other natural bodies of water. 

Freezer rituals are for situations where you want to freeze someones actions or intentions. They are a type of dark magick or curse. They are not a break up ritual. 

Remember, if you put your husband or wifes name within your container, you are not just freezing them out of their lovers life, you are freezing them out of yours. So please be cautious and use common sense.

How to prepare one:

You'll need a container. First, if you're wanting to be serious in your spellwork, please, do not use a jar for a freezer spell. You dont want your "container" to be generic. You want it to be a solid representation.

You want a "container" that represents what you're trying to do. 

Commonly, when you're addressing gossip, lies and other intentions involving the mouth, you choose the tongue of an animal as your correspondence container. As terrible as this sounds, it doesnt have to involve animal sacrifice. You can buy cows tongue at the meat market and slit it down the center, long and deep enough to contain your "order."

If you're addressing a sexual situation, hollow out a fruit, vegetable or some other kind of food that represents the man or woman or both involved. A cucumber, banana (skin on), pickle, etc can represent a man while a fig or peach is often used to represent a woman.

In sexual situations that hit close to home, if you can acquire a pair of your man's or lady's underwear, you can use them or a piece of them as your container.

In situations where the heart is involved, you can purchase an animal heart from your butcher.

In situations where there is physical action involved, you can use clothing. I once used a gardening glove stolen from a back porch in a freezer spell that involved a neighbor throwing sticks, rocks and other crap into our yard.

Before you choose your container - think on it. Use your creativity. Make sure that the symbolism resonates with you as its YOUR spell!

Next - the "order" or names and concerns.

Though you can definitely use an average piece of computer paper for this task, I do recommend parchment paper. Take a fine tipped black marker and write down the offenders name (s) and action or situation you want to address. If you don't know their names or you're addressing a generalized situation, then do your best to be specific in a generalized manner. ie "rival women" or "competition at "place of employment."

Then the "Dressing" of the container and order. For this part of the spellwork you're going to want to do some research.  You're going to dress the container and the order with appropriate herbs, juices or concoctions according to your intentions.

A few examples: Ghost peppers or hot pepper of any kind to end lies. Poppy Seeds to cause confusion or disorientation. A small amount of rusty water or rust flakes to stop physical actions.

Dress both your container and your order during a time when you're able to put some energy forth into your intent. When your emotions are heightened is the best time. You can also pray to the appropriate gods, goddesses, angels or other immortals to help boost your intent at this time.

When you're finished, place your order into the container. If you're using a fruit or some other kind of food, make sure that you've hollowed out a space to place your order within.

Next, the "Wetting" of your container and order. Though you need not wet a fruit or vegetable further, it does help if you do and its a must if you're using a "dry" container. 

Wetting should also be symbolic of what you're trying to accomplish. 

Vinegar, lemon juice or salt water to "sour" the words of an individual or a situation. If you really want to get serious, you can create a mixture of vinegar and the blood from your animal tongue or heart and leave it sit outside for a couple of days before you do your spell to "spoil" any further actions from said party.

You can use the spit of a person who is ill to promote illness. 

Premixed waters are also appropriate.

Oils and alcohols are not suggested.

Again, use some creativity and make sure that your choice resonates with you. Wet the container enough that it will freeze completely.

Next, the closure of your container.

Remember that you're going to have to close your container so when you hollow it out, slit it open or choose the material for your container, be mindful of that.

If you're going to sew it, use black thread and 9 stiches. If you're going to use pins or sewing needles, stick with the traditional and use 9 pins or 9 needles.

Finally, the storage of your spell.

A new addtion to the freezing ritual is foil. You can encase your container within foil, shiny side inward to influence the mirroring or entrapment of the individual or action.

You can place the container alone within the freezer.

You can submerge your container in a tupperware container of vinegar or vinegar and ice cubes.

I've used lake water infused with the hottest peppers I could find.

Make sure your spell remains on ice for as long as you want the spell to be active. This can be forever if you wish.

Once you've decided that the spell has done its thing, its time for the disposal. Traditionally, if an animal tongue or heart  was used, the preparer cooked and ate the organ once the spellwork was complete. Be mindful of what you used in your container before you consider this! If you've used urine, bodily fluids or enough hot pepper to be dangerous, DO NOT EAT IT! If it took you longer to prepare your ritual from beginning to end than just a couple of hours and the meat has started to smell funny or rot, DO NOT EAT IT!

Alternatively, once you've removed and disposed of the pins, you can bury the container at a crossroads, under a tree, etc.

Skin of a Virgin

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Many old manuscripts instruct that spells be written on virgin skin, virgin parchment or skin of a virgin kid. 

What? What does that mean??

During the Middle Ages favored parchment was actually made from the skin of animals. The most common form of parchment was made from the skin of young goats (kids) or sheep. The term virgin simply meant that the piece of parchment required was to be new and unused.

Later, vellum made from the skin of calves, lambs or rabbits was introduced and was considered to be of even better quality.

The finest quality parchment, however, was uterine vellum and it was created exclusively from the skin of aborted, stillborn or newborn calves. It was a highly desired and costly product as its surface was smooth and purely white in color.

Because of how expensive the most prized parchment was, it was used cautiously and carefully.

Insomniac's Bath

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1 Cup of milk

1/4 Cup of honey

1 Teaspoon pure vanilla extract

4 Drops of lavender essential oil

4 Drops of marjoram essential oil

Warm the milk over low heat, stirring frequently until hot, but not boiling. 

While the milk is warming, start your bath water.

Once the milk is hot, add the honey and stir until blended.

Remove from heat.

Just before you pour this mixture into your bath water, add the vanilla, lavender and marjoram.

Soak for 20 to 30 minutes.

****DO NOT use marjoram if you are pregnant!! Do not use this bath more than once a week. 

Marjoram is a natural toxin remover so you may find yourself sweating more than usual during your bath as it promotes perspiration.

Tattoos in Magick

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Tattoos are not as taboo as they once were. They are everywhere - on celebrities, on doctors, on housewives, sports figures and even on the arms of those who have beat cancer. 

Did you know that evidence of ancient tattooing has been found on every continent in the world?

Otzi, the famous Alpine mummy, is thought to be over 5000 years old. It was discovered that he has more than 50 tattoos all over his body!

The Inuit of Alaska and Canada tattoo themselves to protect various parts of their bodies from disease. They believe that each joint has a soul so they tattoo them to keep the joints strong.

In magickal practice, the art of tattooing is utilized to turn the skin into a living amulet. Your skin is sacred and because its part of you, it already holds so much energy. Thoughtful designs, symbols and placement combine to manifest magick in its physical form.

For me, every one of my tattoos is a magickal statement.

I have a tribal sun with a small yin yang that covers a scar on my back. The scar was ugly and vicious. To me, the tattoo that covers it reminds me that I have come to terms with my past. My past self and my current self are in complete harmony with each other. I wont be hindered on my path and always, the sun rises.

I have a large tribal sun with a delicate human face that takes up most of my lower back. This sun is one of my personal talismans. Like the smaller sun, it reminds me that I will always rise up, no matter what tries to drag me down. It reminds me to be good to others and not to harbor anger or resentment. It keeps me grounded in so many ways. It reminds me that life is short and to find joy in all things.

I have several dragon tattoos. 5 of them. Each of them is meaningful in their own right. (Fun fact: Raven and I have matching dragon tattoos!)

As a whole my dragons remind me that I am a protected, strong, powerful, beautiful, loving, vicious woman, friend and mother. They remind me to fight viciously on behalf of those I love and to never back down for a cause I believe in. They are a constant reminder that I am a magickal-born woman and even when I feel like I don't have one ounce of magick left in me, that in the morning I shall rise refreshed and as powerful as the dragons that live upon my skin. 

Do you have tattoos and if so, what do they mean to you?