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MM's Corner

Native American House Cleansing

Posted by Mother Moon on June 1, 2013 at 11:55 AM

This cleansing ritual has been adapted from old Sioux medicine. Its a mixture of Sioux and modern witchcraft.



*1/4 cup Salt

*4 cups of water that has not come from a tap - rain water, spring water, even bottled water works.

*1 inch paint brush

*A bowl big enough to hold the salt water

*White tea light candles - one for every room of the house

*1 Sage bundle and something to burn it in

*3 to 5 sticks of cleansing incense - dragons blood, sage, etc. You're going to need a stick of incense and a place to burn it in all the central areas of your house. Bedrooms, kitchen, living room - whatever rooms in your home in which you spend the most time.

*A group of fresh flowers

*2 - 3 days of good weather.


1. First - clean your house. Get rid of clutter. Getting rid of clutter and dusting are the 2 most important factors of this cleaning process so make sure you do a good job.

The cleaning process should take one whole day at least. Wash your floors. Wash the laundry and put it away. Make sure the dishes are done. If you have pets, make sure you clean under the beds and other furniture.


2. On the second or third day, depending on how long the cleaning process takes, open every window in your home and let it completely air out for at least 12 hours. 24 hours is better, but 12 hours will do. Make sure all your closet doors and any large cupboard or storage space is open to the air.


3.The following day, its time to do the ritual.


A. Mix the salt and water in your bowl. Stir it 7 times going clockwise.

B. Bless the water.

"May the blending of the elements of pure salt and pure water cleanse this space. The salt preserves the sanctity of my home. The water cleanses it. In the name of mother earth, this shall be so."


Now, as you're doing this blessing, its important for you to believe that your blessing of the water will work. Believe in yourself and believe in the power of this medicine ritual.


4. Take your water, starting at the top of your home, moving from the farthest away from the stairs to the stairs, bless every room, especially the windows.


Dip your brush and sprinkle the walls and floors. Pay special attention to the corners and closets. Paint a barrier around each window and on both sides of each doorway.

If you like you can add a ritual chant while you're doing this.


"No unclean spirit is welcome here"


"I bless this house. Those that are unwelcome are commanded to leave"


Whatever applies to your situation.


5. Once the upper level is complete, start the stairs. Going down, sprinkle on each side of the stairway as well as on each step.


6. On the lower level, start at the back of the home. If you have a back door, start outside. Create your barrier on the outside of the door first and then on the inside. As you create your outside barrier, state the following:

"This barrier allows those with pure hearts to enter and leave freely. State the names of your family members as well as any pets that need to move in and out of the house without restrictions."


Work your way through the house heading towards the front door. Again, pay special attention to the corners and closets. Dont forget to paint a barrier around the windows. Once you get to the front door, its important that you paint your salt water barrier on the inside only. You will create the outside barrier later so save your water.


The idea is that you're chasing the negative energy as well as any unwelcomed entities or spirits out of the house. By starting at the back of the home, you're chasing them towards the front door.


7. Next, do the exact same thing with your sage, A feather works very well to waft the smoke into the corners and closets. Go around each window and doorway with the sage. Work your way down the stairs. Start at the back of the house, working your way towards the front door, Sage the inside of the doorway only.

Leave the sage burning in the central part of your home - the dining room or kitchen is where I usually leave mine.


8. Take your white tea lit candles. Starting upstairs again, place and light one candle in each room. Same routine - start in the room farthest from the stairs and work your way down.

Once you're downstairs, start at the back of the house, moving your way towards the door.


9. Then, take your incense and place one burning stick in each area of the home. Its important to place these in areas where you spend the most time but you can do one in every room of the house as well.

Again, start at the back and move your way forward.


10. By the time you get your incense lit and placed, you will have given the rest of the medicine enough time to work so you can go and paint the final barrier on the outside of your door.

While doing so, state the following: This barrier allows those with pure hearts to enter and leave freely. State the names of your family members as well as any pets that need to move in and out of the house without restrictions.

Once you're done painting the barrier, pour the rest of the water in a straight line in front of your front door on the ground/step.


11. Then, just wait until your candles burn out. Once they are out, clean up - gather up the little tin holders, incense trays, etc. Place it all in a bag (make sure nothing is hot) and take it all outside to the garbage.



12. Once the ritual is complete, place the fresh flowers in the central area of the home. This is an offering to the elements, spirits and entities that will help guard your home.



It seems like a lot to remember. Take your time. Refer back to the instructions as often as you need to.


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Reply CrystalAlchemist
7:06 PM on February 21, 2015 
This is an excellent cleansing and protection ritual.
Reply Mother Moon
3:43 PM on February 21, 2015 
Yes, you most certainly can do that.
Reply MommaL
2:08 PM on February 21, 2015 
When painting the barrier on the front door, you state the names of your family members, do you state the names of your entities as well, so they can also move freely? Thanks :)
Reply D*O*P
11:21 PM on June 1, 2013 
Amazing and informative information for anyone. Thank you so much for this MM.
Reply MommaL
12:45 PM on June 1, 2013 
Thank you!