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MM's Corner

Honesty in Spell Casting

Posted by Mother Moon on June 3, 2013 at 10:45 AM

I wanted to take a moment to stress the importance of honesty when it comes to spell casting.

One must realize that spell casting is not the same as a psychic reading. Where in a psychic reading, I can understand not wanting to divulge details. That way, you have a better chance of being able to tell whether or not your psychic is gifted or not.

But when it comes to castings, its really important that you tell your caster all the details. Its even more important that you're honest in what you tell them.  Details are important when it comes to focus. 

For example, some time ago we started working on a relationship case for someone. It was an average case as far as the details we were given. Things were hot and heavy between the couple for a couple of months. After it ended, the client realized what they had lost and wanted the partner back. Pretty cut and dry for our line of work.

I suggested 3 spells (2 at first, one later) based on the facts we were given by the client. They were cast and the castings were done without problems. I did mention to after the castings that I felt the target did not have much interest in, not just a relationship with our client, but relationships as a whole. I told the client that I felt the target was very focused on career at the present time and that the spellwork might take some time to manifest because of that fact.

Our client said they understood.

Over the course of a couple of months after the castings, through correspondence with the client we found out that there were LOTS of things that we were not told during the initial consultation.

It was our understanding that they actually had a relationship when in fact, what they had was not even in the same ball park as a relationship. We were told that they had dated for a couple of months.

Later, when the spellwork did not manifest in the way that the client would have liked, we were told a completely different story than what was said at the time of consultation. The client admitted that they'd hung out together within a mutual circle of friends just a couple of times and that they ended up sleeping together just once after a night out on the town. 

After this "hook up" our client tried to contact the target and was told that the hook up was a mistake and that they were not looking for any kind of relationship. Said client wouldn't accept this answer and kept trying to contact the target. Eventually, the target gave in and met the client, again, while out with mutual friends. Evidently, the target did not like what he saw/experienced and before the night was over, asked that our client leave them alone...again.

Now, does this sound like they were "dating for a couple of months?"

I have to admit, I was a bit shocked after this bombshell but the worst was yet to come. After more correspondences, our client divulged that not only did the target ask to be left alone, but over the course of a few months, the target had moved, not once but twice!!! The target had quit their job just so the client wouldnt be able to "visit" them at work. AND the target had taken out a restraining order!!

Here I was, being all supportive, giving advice, asking for patience and basically coddling this person like a child when I probably should have said, "Get over it. Move on."

In the end, that is what I told the client. I actually said if we had known the TRUTH about the situation that I would have flat out denied the case.

THEN, I find out from a new client  that they had read on an internet forum that we did not reply to emails and that our castings did not work. The screen shot that was attached to this email was a conversation where someone was indeed stating that I never answered their emails and that the spellwork this person purchased did not work for them.

I knew from the completely unique style of writing that it was this particular "hook up" client who was saying these things.

This was completely false. Granted, I may not have answered these emails as quickly as this person would have liked. But I cannot help that. I am only one individual.

And I continued to answer this person's emails long after I had found out the truth and told her to move on. 

No, the spells did not work. Of course they wouldnt. They were focused on rekindling a relationship that never existed and promoting communication that was technically against the law. Although Im sorry we couldnt help the client, at the same time, if I hadn't been fed a big fat bowl of lies, whether intentionally or unitentionally, I wouldn't have bothered to waste the clients time or ours with suggestions that wouldn't work.

Another difficult case is one where, a client was telling myself and another sister 2 different stories. In this individuals emails to me, the client made it sound like the relationship had ended very recently. I based all of my suggestions and advice on that information. Recently after discussing this case with another sister she asked me to look at a recent private message exchange where this same client had stated to her that they had not been in contact with their ex in 4 years and that now, that ex was married, with children, living in another country!

Seriously, how is that not important to spellwork?? Do you want to know why this person wont contact you, well shoot, do you think its because they moved on years ago and now have a family to take care of. By golly, I think thats probably the reason why.

My point is...HONESTY is absolutely, 100% necessary when it comes to spellwork. We aren't here to judge. Everyone has a story of how they got to where they are and that story is just as important to the ending as it is the beginning.

If we can help you, I promise that we will do our best. But if we cant help you, Im sorry, you're just going to have to accept that too. Telling a story that is anything but the truth isn't going to get you to where you want to be.

And sometimes the answer is simply that you have to let go and move on. As difficult as that may be, it is even more difficult to put your entire life on hold, hoping, wanting and waiting for someone or something that is never going to happen no matter what you do!

I shouldn't even have to write a blog about this! I think there's a cliche that applies to this kind of thing...If you dont want to be called out on your shit, dont act shitty. 

I completely understand that spells dont work for everyone or sometimes they manifest in a way that isnt exactly what you or the caster expect. Thats just the way things go. If you aren't prepared for that, then dont go looking into magick, period. Spellcasting is an art, not a science. I cannot guarantee that magick will work for you. All I can do is guarantee that we do the work that you've paid us to do, to the very best of our ability and more often than not, we go above and beyond what we've been paid to do.

That said,  if you want to go around spreading half-truths or out and out lies about SE, myself, my sisters or the way we conduct ourselves, then be prepared to be made an example so that everyone can see that there is another side to the story.

I don't have to hide behind user ids created to make people believe that I am someone Im not. I dont have to sneak around creating multiple email addresses in order to make up different stories after a spell caster has denied my case. I dont have to sneak around the internet posting BS to get people to throw me a pity party.

My story is right here where it has always been!

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Reply Alana
1:32 PM on June 5, 2015 
If you dont want to be called out on your shit, dont act shitty....Best advice ever!
Reply rainy_rainy
12:00 AM on July 19, 2014 
That's annoying. I'm sorry that you've met this kind of heartless clients. That's sad.
Reply Pipper
9:15 PM on June 5, 2013 
and people wonder why they are alone.. delusional?? Sad story but true and I have to admit the story of the first person.. Id say she has a few mental issues from what I gather not just from the story you wrote MM but her actions on other forums! You might want to cast a spell for her on helping her with her metal un- stability. :-)
Reply D*O*P
11:21 PM on June 3, 2013 
Reply Familiar Cat
11:10 PM on June 3, 2013 
I could not agree more!
Reply witness2luv
10:37 PM on June 3, 2013 
This is my same stand on spell work, just be honest from the start and the rest will fall into place as it should. I love all of the sisters of SE because they most definitely operate in integrity and compassion. Due to the fact that SE is the "real life M.I.B. Headquarters" for all worlds and dimensions, it oughta be a given understanding on delays to email answers and that most are attended to in less than 7 days. Huggs to you all SE!
Reply aleena
7:20 PM on June 3, 2013 
St. Memnon says...

Reply St. Memnon
12:09 PM on June 3, 2013