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MM's Corner

Freezer Ritual

Posted by Mother Moon on June 16, 2015 at 12:25 AM

Spells on Ice are old hoodoo magick. They come to us from a time before electricity when practitioners were utilizing ice from wintery ponds, lakes and other natural bodies of water. 

Freezer rituals are for situations where you want to freeze someones actions or intentions. They are a type of dark magick or curse. They are not a break up ritual. 

Remember, if you put your husband or wifes name within your container, you are not just freezing them out of their lovers life, you are freezing them out of yours. So please be cautious and use common sense.

How to prepare one:

You'll need a container. First, if you're wanting to be serious in your spellwork, please, do not use a jar for a freezer spell. You dont want your "container" to be generic. You want it to be a solid representation.

You want a "container" that represents what you're trying to do. 

Commonly, when you're addressing gossip, lies and other intentions involving the mouth, you choose the tongue of an animal as your correspondence container. As terrible as this sounds, it doesnt have to involve animal sacrifice. You can buy cows tongue at the meat market and slit it down the center, long and deep enough to contain your "order."

If you're addressing a sexual situation, hollow out a fruit, vegetable or some other kind of food that represents the man or woman or both involved. A cucumber, banana (skin on), pickle, etc can represent a man while a fig or peach is often used to represent a woman.

In sexual situations that hit close to home, if you can acquire a pair of your man's or lady's underwear, you can use them or a piece of them as your container.

In situations where the heart is involved, you can purchase an animal heart from your butcher.

In situations where there is physical action involved, you can use clothing. I once used a gardening glove stolen from a back porch in a freezer spell that involved a neighbor throwing sticks, rocks and other crap into our yard.

Before you choose your container - think on it. Use your creativity. Make sure that the symbolism resonates with you as its YOUR spell!

Next - the "order" or names and concerns.

Though you can definitely use an average piece of computer paper for this task, I do recommend parchment paper. Take a fine tipped black marker and write down the offenders name (s) and action or situation you want to address. If you don't know their names or you're addressing a generalized situation, then do your best to be specific in a generalized manner. ie "rival women" or "competition at "place of employment."

Then the "Dressing" of the container and order. For this part of the spellwork you're going to want to do some research.  You're going to dress the container and the order with appropriate herbs, juices or concoctions according to your intentions.

A few examples: Ghost peppers or hot pepper of any kind to end lies. Poppy Seeds to cause confusion or disorientation. A small amount of rusty water or rust flakes to stop physical actions.

Dress both your container and your order during a time when you're able to put some energy forth into your intent. When your emotions are heightened is the best time. You can also pray to the appropriate gods, goddesses, angels or other immortals to help boost your intent at this time.

When you're finished, place your order into the container. If you're using a fruit or some other kind of food, make sure that you've hollowed out a space to place your order within.

Next, the "Wetting" of your container and order. Though you need not wet a fruit or vegetable further, it does help if you do and its a must if you're using a "dry" container. 

Wetting should also be symbolic of what you're trying to accomplish. 

Vinegar, lemon juice or salt water to "sour" the words of an individual or a situation. If you really want to get serious, you can create a mixture of vinegar and the blood from your animal tongue or heart and leave it sit outside for a couple of days before you do your spell to "spoil" any further actions from said party.

You can use the spit of a person who is ill to promote illness. 

Premixed waters are also appropriate.

Oils and alcohols are not suggested.

Again, use some creativity and make sure that your choice resonates with you. Wet the container enough that it will freeze completely.

Next, the closure of your container.

Remember that you're going to have to close your container so when you hollow it out, slit it open or choose the material for your container, be mindful of that.

If you're going to sew it, use black thread and 9 stiches. If you're going to use pins or sewing needles, stick with the traditional and use 9 pins or 9 needles.

Finally, the storage of your spell.

A new addtion to the freezing ritual is foil. You can encase your container within foil, shiny side inward to influence the mirroring or entrapment of the individual or action.

You can place the container alone within the freezer.

You can submerge your container in a tupperware container of vinegar or vinegar and ice cubes.

I've used lake water infused with the hottest peppers I could find.

Make sure your spell remains on ice for as long as you want the spell to be active. This can be forever if you wish.

Once you've decided that the spell has done its thing, its time for the disposal. Traditionally, if an animal tongue or heart  was used, the preparer cooked and ate the organ once the spellwork was complete. Be mindful of what you used in your container before you consider this! If you've used urine, bodily fluids or enough hot pepper to be dangerous, DO NOT EAT IT! If it took you longer to prepare your ritual from beginning to end than just a couple of hours and the meat has started to smell funny or rot, DO NOT EAT IT!

Alternatively, once you've removed and disposed of the pins, you can bury the container at a crossroads, under a tree, etc.

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Reply Harparme
5:37 PM on January 10, 2016 
also, does it matter if its on a waxing moon?
Reply Harparme
5:32 PM on January 10, 2016 
hey mother moon,

i think this will be really hard for me because we have alot of people that live with me. I found one online where you just put the name of people on a paper and then you put it in a freezer to stop those actions. I am not looking to ban these people from our lifes but just stop the bad talking about me to my boyfriend and to stop influencing him. How should I do that?
Reply Mother Moon
1:29 PM on August 16, 2015 
Thank you:)
Reply Robin
12:54 PM on July 6, 2015 
Thanks MM this is pretty dang awesome !!!!!