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MM's Corner

Mother Moon - The Human

Posted by Mother Moon on June 17, 2011 at 10:55 AM

Heading up customer service for SE provides me with insight into all of our client's personal lives.


Its a wonderful thing sometimes as you really get to know people for who they are, the accomplishments they've made, and the obstacles that they've overcome.

I feel as though I've gained an entirely new family here at SE. Every single one of our clients has touched my heart in one way or another. I'm very thankful for that.


I hear extraordinary stories of births, reunions, wedding days, love, progress, and success. These stories absolutely warm my heart and these kinds of stories are the stories that keep me going on the days that Im feeling overwhelmed and second guessing myself, not only as a practitioner, but as a person.

But in the same sense, walking in Mother Moon's shoes can be a very depressing thing. Day in and day out, I hear stories of hardships, illness, loss, grief, and everything in between. Over the years, its definitely taken a toll on me.


Its gotten to the point where I've actually had to seperate Mother Moon from myself. At home, Im me. Mother Moon's shoes and cloak are removed at the door and placed within the closet (picture Mr. Rogers taking off his sweater). It took me a very long time to be able to accomplish this feat as Mother Moon is also ME. MM has been a big part of who I am and who Ive become for as long as I can remember.


5 years ago, I was to the point where the lives of our clients overtook my own. I couldnt seperate my home life from SE. I worried constantly about what our clients would do if I wasnt there, sitting at the computer, every second of every day to hear their worries and give advice. I felt like I was a knight in shinning armor or a savior of sorts and that without my gospel, people just wouldnt be able to go on with their lives.


Its silly, I know. My thought process wasnt based on any one case, but rather hundreds and hundreds of clients and cases, all with their own needs.


I wasnt sleeping, I wasnt eating, my hair was thinning out. I was seeing doctors for nutritional supplements as my stress had gotten so bad that the food I was trying to consume, just wouldn't stay down. At my worst, I weighed less than 85 pounds!

I was literally sick from all of the stress.


But eventually, it was actually a client that helped me start a new beginning of sorts. It was a case where we had been working with this particular client for months. Each day, she told me that she didnt feel like she could face the day without communications from me. One day, though, I confessed to her that I was worried about her well being but that I really needed some time away from the office. So I asked her if she would be OK if I took the weekend off to spend some time with my family. I told her that if she didnt think she would be, then I'd figure something out where my family and I could take a day trip, but then I could be home for her during the evening hours.

She then admitted to me that she was shocked and completely disappointed in herself. She told me that she had gotten so wrapped up in her own situation that she forgot that I was actually a person, outside of SE, with a life. She admitted that she never thought about other clients or me at all. To her, I was a life line and, just as I had grown accustomed to her needing me every day, she had grown accustomed to me being there for her.

She convinced me that she would be fine during my days off and that I deserved to have time away just like any other working citizen.

She and I promised each other that, she would work on being less needy just as I would work on being less "dedicated." lol.


With her help, I was able to start the process of seperating SE from ME.


My point to this blog was simply to let you all know that even though I am not always able to get to your emails in a timely mannor, that doesnt mean Im not thinking of you and wishing you the best.

I work very hard at customer service. Most evenings, I will even answer emails from home after my children are in bed. But even so, 8 or 9 hours of near-constant work, cannot keep up with the mass amout of emails that come in each day. On a good productive day, without too many interruptions, I can get through 60 to 70 emails. The amount of emails that we actually receive each day is 4 to 5 times more than I can answer.


Though Raven does her best to help with customer service from time to time, processing orders, packaging, labling, and shipping is also a full days work.


We've tried adding people to the customer service "department" perse, in the past, and it turned out that most clients just didnt like it. They didnt want to talk to "some other person," they wanted MM. So, here I am. I am human. And Im doing my best.


Thanks to all of you who understand that I have a life outside of SE. Without you all, I dont know what I'd do. I love you all!!



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Reply TreEdie
11:30 PM on October 28, 2014 
I have at least a glimmer of understanding of what you're talking a therapist, it is sometimes hard to step out of that supportive, nurturing, listening, and problem-solving mode, and it seems as if I'm always "ON." Self-care is so important, and I have to remind myself often as well. You're no good to anyone else, if you can't take care of yourself anyway.... Good on ya!
Reply iwiccan
11:40 AM on August 21, 2014 
I am very new to this site and the information on this site is a real mind blower and it's only for the strong..... But after reading your story all i can say is.... the one who has little information in there field of work will always have the least responsibility...... And the more knowledge one gains in there field of work or in there life will always have the most responsibility... and that sounds like you MM. :)

Maybe it will be best if you setup an auto responder in your email........ saying something like ..... due to the amount of emails i am receiving on a daily basis it could take between 3-5 days before i reply to your message.

Reply moses
5:14 AM on July 19, 2014 
I am going through your blog for the first time though the account was created long ago. I feel same happened to me few months ago as everyday I was waiting for communication from you and one fine day you disappeared. It was hard but I overcame that situation after understanding someone from your family is sick and realised mm has life too. She can't just be there always nor will anyone own mother be. Nice post.
Reply sway
2:32 AM on September 10, 2013 
You ARE a savior MM and don't ever think you're not! I have heard so many stories over the past few days (my own in my mind as well) that shows just how dedicated and amazing you are :) There are so many that probably would not be happy today if it weren't for you and the time and energy you have put into helping their lives and their needs. I've been talking to you the past few days thru email about my situation and even tho my spell hasn't been cast yet (you're doing it Thursday) I already feel like your energy and, love, kindness and time has touched me in a way where I already feel half better about the situation. I wish I could give back to you as well to make your life a little easier and more warm and loving but being I don't really know you, the best I can probably do is not hound you every day lol so you have time to use your own energy for yourself. I didn't even realize I was doing it simply because I feel a certain excitement about my situation now that I was getting a little caught up in the moment. Then I read on another forum about putting your request out there to the caster and the universe and then just forgetting about it until you see positive changes, because people have to realize as desperate as they feel sometimes that all this takes time. Nothing is instant...not even magick. It happens when the universe and energies say it does. And also I would just like to point out that people say about effecting free will and that magick messes with it. But what if it doesn't? What if maybe, just maybe, this is the way things were supposed to go? I believe that if you let your wishes be known to the universe you are putting your energy out there to make things happen in your every day life and that is kind of like magick in a way only casters are WAY MORE powerful than, say myself, are at it and they have stronger energies to release for something that is wanted to happen. What f it was supposed to happen this way and it was in the requesters plan and the targets plan to get things going this way all along?

Sorry....I got off topic!!!! My point is.... You HAVE changed peoples lives and you ARE a savior and tho we may not show our gratitude to you, that does not mean it is going unnoticed. I think people form a bond with you, because I feel like I have already. You are sweet and kind and understanding and not judgemental. You know more about what is going on with my situating than my best friend does and you will forever be in my thoughts, prayers and "well wishes". Anyone that has had the privilege to talk to you should understand that you do have a life outside of our neediness and problems and your family and yourself deserves every bit, if not more, of your attention than we do! You have made a life long customer and friend in me and I can't wait to share more of my life's wishes, hopes, dreams and accomplishments with you and you can always send an me email right back with the same. I will always have an ear (or eye lol since it's email) for you :) xoxo