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MM's Corner

A Year In The Life of ...

Posted by Mother Moon on July 13, 2011 at 10:25 AM

A Year In The Life of A Witch…

Some of the more un-common questions asked of Mother Moon & The Sisters:

Just how many magickals can one witch create??

After 30 years of being a practitioner and over half of those 30 years spent as a dealer, in any given year, I am apt to create roughly 30 amulets, summon 20 entities, and perform actual conjuration only a half a dozen times.

So in a year, I myself, alone, create less than 60 magickals. And let me tell you, that seemingly small amount of completed work takes a huge amount of time and dedication on my part.

Most practitioners, actually complete less than this. The exception in our fold would be Oran & Ian who tend to create a lot more completed works than the average practitioner simply because they work together and dedicate time each night to cast.


How many magickals are consigned to SE each year?

We only accept consignments from practitioners and collectors within our fold.

In the year 2010, we took in in 230 magickals from 14 full time consigners and 312 magickals from our part time consigners.

As of this moment, we have over 60 sources that we acquire from as the need calls for it. Meaning, they are not full time consigners, but rather consign when we have a request that they can fulfill. These individuals and groups have been a part of our SE extended family for at least 10 years and in most cases, closer to 20.


How many “witch estates” do we acquire each year?

In 2010, we acquired 2 entire magickal estates (meaning just the magickals, not the “normal” household stuff), with each estate holding roughly 60 to 70 energy holding artifacts. None of those acquisitions will be for sale until later this year, 2011.


How long do we work with an acquired (not self-created) magickal before it goes up for purchase/adoption?

At the very least, 6 months. In most cases a year or more, goes into researching a magickal acquisition, whether spell-cast or entity, and passes through the hands of several of our members, and sometimes testers, before it is considered for sale.


How many paranormal investigations do we do?

From 2005 to 2010, we’ve conducted 9 paranormal investigations.


Did we acquire any “haunted” artifacts during those investigations?

No, we did not.

The likelihood of an actual haunting being the result of a possessed and/or haunted artifact is extremely slim. 99.999% of all hauntings are the direct result of human spirits, not entities nor constructs.


What is the difference between “summoning” and “conjuring?”

The definition of these terms usually depend upon the practitioner and the type of magickal tradition that they follow.

By our standards, “Summoning” is the act of calling forth spirits/entities that are already residing upon our earth-bound plane. Meaning, that they are already in our realm.

“Conjuration,” whether simple or extremely difficult, is the act of calling forth entities from other planes of existence.


Why don’t you “custom conjure” entities for your clients?

Because its dangerous! There is no way, a practitioner with any kind of morals would simply conjure a spirit/entity and then pass it into the hands of an inexperienced individual. Even the most skilled practitioners are fooled from time to time and we would much rather it be us, than you!

Because of our status within the magical community, we are able to acquire just about anything you could ask for from one of our own trusted suppliers.

We choose to work with our entities and truly get to know them before we pass them on to the public. This is for our own morality and peace of mind, as well as your safety.


Can I become a consigner of magickals for SE?

At this time, we are not accepting consigners due to time constraints. We really do have our hands full with all of the things we’ve got going on now.

The guidelines we have set forth to become a consigner is a 6 month process. Over the course of 6 months, we evaluate, document, and study the magickals brought in by a potential consigner. Each magickal is evaluated by our members separately and then those evaluations are then compared to each other. Our evaluations are based on consistency of energy, focus of energy, level of energy, knowledge of the craft, knowledge of the magickal itself, and the results provided by the said magickals during the evaluation process.

This includes amulets as well as entities. Each evaluated item must meet the standards of our guidelines 20 out of 20 times.

For example: If you, as a potential cosigner bring us a dozen items and only 8 of those 12 items are as accurate as you claim they are, your consigner membership is denied and you can not submit for reevaluation for 16 months.

If accepted into the consigner program, each item consigned is also evaluated by one or more of our experienced energy readers. Not all consigned magickals are accepted.


Do we hold witch / magic classes?

Although teaching is definitely a dream of mine, I don’t know where any of us would find the time. We try hard to add new information to SE as often as we can in order to share our knowledge and for now, that’s about all we can do. Maybe someday…


Do we take on apprentices?

We do, and we don’t.

Currently, membership to SE is generational. Here, we are all either related by blood, or bonded by ancestry. Ancestry meaning that our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc worked and/or practiced together.

This is a guideline set forth by our 1st generation members and one that has been followed throughout the years. We are now in the 3rd and 4th generation of members!

For now, our apprenticeship program is strictly generational.



What does SE think of paranormal ebay?

I feel that ebay is a cesspool of con artists and theives.

That is not to say that there arent some great sellers on ebay, because there are!

The sad thing about ebay is that for every good, honest, hard working metaphysical dealer, there are are least 10 con artists out there making a living off of lies.


Its amazing as, even sellers with years of seemingly reputable feedback, can be dishonest.


~There are those that buy genuine energy-filled artifacts from legit dealers and then try to pass them off as their own.


~There are those that steal the information of others for their own profit simply because they are too lazy to type up their own information or because they have no clue what they're talking about, period.


~There are those sellers that claim to shop every haunted/witch estate within in the US in order to bring you, their clients, the most powerful magickals. Trust me, witches arent out there selling their wares at rummage and estate sales.


~There are sellers that claim to have inherrited a trunk full of magickals from their great grandmothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, mother. The trunk, however, is never-ending. Years later these same sellers are dealing supposedly magickal items from the same trunk.


~There are those sellers that buy jewelry and other things under one id and then a week later pass them off under another username with some concocted story on how they, themselves cast them a year ago at stonehenge. (or some other sacred location)


~There are those sellers that supposedly hold hundreds of magickal artifacts from the Templars, Masons, and other magickal groups.


~There are those sellers that claim to have bought and/or inherrited a house full of magickal hidden rooms. And low and behold, everything in these ficticious rooms is haunted! Seriously, how many hidden rooms do you think one delapted old house can have??


~There are those sellers that steal photos off of the internet and then claim them as their own. (This one really bothers me because, with just a little bit of research, one can easily discover that the photos belong to someone else.)


~ There are those that sell completely empty and un-energized things and claim them as magickals.


~There are those sellers that claim to have "Invented" every type of magickal out there even though those types of magickals have been around for centuries!


These examples are just a few of the stories created by ebayers to pass off their wares as magickals. 


For those sellers that create these wonderfully, inviting, completely bullshit stories, I actually applaude you. What creative, diligent individuals you are. Though you all make my job (sharing TRUTH) that much harder, you also provide me with the means of gaining true friendship. Because when one of your clients, beat down and discouraged, comes to SE and discovers real magick, their lives are truly, forever changed.


I come from a long line of practitioners...

and do you know how many hidden rooms we've had in our family? One! One hoodoo room under the stairs, which was never really hidden, but merely locked. And technically, it didnt even belong to anyone in the family, but rather a housekeeper who, with permission, practiced her tradition in my great-grandmothers home.


Do you know how many times myself or one of our many SE members have cast magickals at Stonehenge or some other sacred location? Never! Most of these places are off limits to the public except for tours. And honestly, do you think during a tour, some witchy woman is going to pull out her bag of ritual supplies and throw on her cloak to cast a few hours worth of spells?


How many hidden caves of djinn have we discovered while walking along the beaches of some remote location? None!


How many magickals from the Templars do we have in our collection? Me, personally, NONE! My father, who has been a collector for over 50 years has ONE.


Does creating an obviously ficticious and elaborate story necessairly mean that the metaphysical artifacts these sellers make available are fake? No, not at all.

But these stories are made up. They arent the true history of an item. They're simply a marketing tactic to generate sales.


I dont get it! What is wrong with telling the truth?


What exactly is wrong with saying, "I bought this piece of jewelry on ebay a month ago and over the course of a week, I, MYSELF, cast magick on it."

Whats wrong with saying, "I, MYSELF, conjured this entity."

What makes a magickal special is the heart and energy that someone, the practitioner, puts into it. Its not the story behind it.


Of course, we all like history and the thought of something we now own coming from a long line of magickal lineage.


But the truth is, there are very few of these magickals out there. The story behind some of these things, is simply that, A STORY. A made up fairy tale meant to draw you in.


And honest to Pete, if you think that some ebay seller inherrited a box full of magickals from the templars, and is now selling them on ebay with a starting bid of $9.99, you're just as nuts as the seller sitting behind their computer screen making up this nonsense.


And Ill be damned, if I have some 200 year old amulet that has been secretly creating billionaires for the last 100 or so years, Im not going to sell it to you. Not for $100. Not for a $1000. Not for any money in the world.


Do magickals like these even exist? Of course they do. And is there a possibility that you can acquire one? Absolutely. Ive passed on magickals that have been in my family for many years, even though I never thought I would. But let me tell you, its RARE. Ive only passed on heirlooms a few times in all the years Ive been dealing.


I absolutely do not have a stockpile of them. And after all, I have a family. Many of my inherrited things will be passed on to my children, not put up for auction.



Its truly disheartening when you're faced with this kind of stuff everyday. Do I want to bash ebay sellers? No. Of course Not. I have respect for all moral dealers within the metaphysical trade, whether their venue is ebay, a website, or in person. It takes heart to do what we do. But dang it, when a person (or group) spends a lifetime building a reputation, working hard, and doing what is right, and then some fly-by-night ebayer comes along steals what they've worked so hard to accomplish, its a hard pill to swallow.


My last thought of the day...Use logic and tap into your own intuition. If it seems outlandish, it probably is. Ask questions. Any true metaphysical dealer will have a plethora of details on the items they are offering. Everything from where they got the vessel to personal accounts and actual history.


Dont be afraid that you're going to "piss off a witch." Witches are people too and any true witch / practitioner is not afraid of a few questions;)



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