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MM's Corner

Travelers Candle Magick Full Moon Love Spell

Posted by Mother Moon on July 13, 2014 at 8:50 PM

This is a spell that is designed to attract someone that you know personally - not a stranger or someone you’ve seen from afar. It should be someone that you want to have a relationship with.




White Votive Candle


Nail from the house of lovers

Rain, spring or river water

A location outside where you can burn your candle - I use a tree stump

Something that, to you, represents the person that you’re trying to attract. This something should be an item to hang on a wall (I’ll talk more about this at the end of this article)

Let’s first address the nail. Your nail needs to come from a house where love blossoms or has blossomed. Whenever I perform this spell I get a nail from my grandmother’s house as I know how deeply she and my grandfather loved each other.

I usually take a nail with me to replace the one I take because often, I choose a nail that she’s hung pictures on.

Part of the ritual is actually retrieving the nail - the person/people who live in the house are not supposed to know that you’re taking anything because often, their questions can add negativity to the process.

IF you cannot get a nail in this fashion, do not cast this spell.

**If you have to store the nail prior to spellwork, wrap it in red cloth.


Once you have your nail, you’re going to want to start this spell the night before the full moon.

On the first night you’re going to want to mix a thick concoction using sugar and the rain, spring or river water. I usually use 1 cup of water and 1/3 of a cup of sugar.

Taking the candle in your left hand, scoop the sugar water over the candle with your right.

Now leave the candle outside to dry until the following night.



On the second night; the night of the full moon, you’re going to want to start your ritual at around 11PM.

Using the nail inscribe the name of your lover into the side of the candle. You want to start at the top of the candle towards the wick and work your way down.

If you’re doing this ritual on behalf of someone else, you’re going to want to inscribe their name in the same fashion on the other side.

Place the candle in an area where it can burn freely - on a tree stump, a piece of concrete, etc. Surround the candle with a ring of sugar.

Light the candle.

Spend a few moments visualizing this person coming into your life and what it would be like.

Now, chant this person’s name followed by “Come To Me and Be My Love.”

Example: “Jason - Come to me and be my love.”

If you’re doing the spell on behalf of someone else then you incorporate that.

Example: “Jason - Go to Julie and be her love.”

You’re going to want to repeat this chant until you’re either highly emotional or until you’re in a trance-like state.

Then leave the candle to burn itself out.

Do not clean it up if at all possible - let nature take care of it.



Now, if you are doing this ritual for yourself then you’re going to take the nail that you used to inscribe the name and use it in your home. It should be used to hang something that represents the person that you’re trying to attract BUT it shouldn’t be a direct representation of them. In other words, it shouldn’t be a photo of them or something that belongs to them.

For example if the person’s favorite football team is the Baltimore Raven’s then you could hang a photo or a painting of a raven. If their favorite color is blue, you could hang a picture in a blue frame.


If you’re doing the ritual on behalf of someone else, the nail should be wrapped in red cloth and buried in an area where growth is abundant OR they can use the nail in their home in the same way as directed above.



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1 Comment

Reply Prophetess
11:44 PM on July 14, 2014 
Thank you for the spell. I'm definitely saving this on my computer. I would love to try it