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MM's Corner


Posted by Mother Moon on July 20, 2015 at 9:20 PM

I get a lot of questions asking whether or not Bakhoor will help strengthen the bond between human and djinn or khodam.

First, what is it?

Bakhoor, also known as Bukhoor, is a traditional Arabic incense that usually comes in brick or chip form.

Its ingredients consist mostly of Agarwood wood soaked in fragrant oils, resins, ambers and musks.

This incense is burned on charcoal tablets in a traditional Mabkhara or Majmor, a type of burner.

Making Bakhoor is an art that is usually passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes the bakhoor is baked, other times it is cooked over fire.

The Bakhoor is traditionally stored in glass as the scent not only lasts longer but also becomes more fragrant over time.

Traditionally Bakhoor is used for:

Special occaions like weddings and other ceremonies.

As a room fragrance and to create a welcoming/inviting feeling within the home or business.

To create a general romantic and loving atmosphere.

To create a positive atmosphere and mood.

To boost creativity.

To negate negative energies, entities and spirits in general and before rituals.

Women especially use the smoke to add a perfumed fragrance to their hair and clothing with the hopes that it will add an erotic air about their person.

It does have some medicinal uses.

It is not traditionally used specifically to enhance the bond between human and entity but it can promote a cleansed, loving, positive atmosphere which is always helpful when it comes to working with entities and spirits.

Due to the conflict in Yemen and other Saudi countries, true Bakhoor is getting hard to find. 

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1 Comment

Reply Ninja
2:33 PM on August 2, 2015 
I have seen Bakhoor sell from $25 an ounce to $150 an ounce depending on the crafting & purpose. After Ramadan the Bakhoor prices fall quite a bit.