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MM's Corner

Magickal Cinnamon

Posted by Mother Moon on December 22, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Cinnamon is a staple ingredient for witches all over the world.

Here are just a few ideas for your magickal use.

1. Use it to charge and add energy to your divination tools. Storing a cinnamon stick with your tarot cards, pendulum, runes, etc can actually aid in providing your tools with a more powerful divinatory energy.

2. Use it to purify your home and ritual space. You can add pure cinnamon oil to your diffuser. You can added powdered cinnamon to your loose incense. Or you can even burn a stick of cinnamon by itself.

3. Use it to make a tea. Steep a few cinnamon sticks in hot water and then drink it prior to any psychic endeavor. Cinnamon tea can promote clairvoyancy, mediumship, heightened intuition and prophecy. 

4. Enhance your sex life. Cinnamon oil has been used throughout history to spice up sex lives everywhere. To make your own cinnamon massage oil, simply steep cinnamon sticks in olive or almond oil. I usually use 2 sticks for every 1 cup of oil and steep for 7 days. Be sure to check a small area of your skin before using your oil to make sure you're not allergic or that your oil isnt too strong.

5. Protect your home. Tie bundles of cinnamon sticks with red string and then hang then over your doors. This protects your home from the bad intention of others.

6. Make a mojo bag. Adding cinnamon sticks to mojo bags can promote inspiration and creativity on all levels.

7. Spice up your relationship related magick. Using cinnamon sticks, powder or oil in your love and relationship related spellwork will aid in promoting lust, passion and desire.

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