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A ritual to gain spiritual help with burdens


2 or 3 packages of flower seeds

I like to use wildflower seeds because they will grow almost anywhere.

A small offering bowl - big enough to hold the seeds you’re going to use

A small bowl of cup of rain water that you have collected yourself

You will need a quiet place, close to your home, if possible

Under a tree or in a garden is the best place for this ritual - be sure the ground you choose is not barren

Before you begin this ritual, write down a list if your burdens so that you have a reference to look at

To begin, take a dab of the rain water and anoint your forehead saying, “Wise ones of this natural space, weave your magick in this place.”

Hold your bowl of seeds to the sky saying, “These seeds represent all of my burdens”

Now take the seeds, a few at a time and spread them before you on the ground, naming your burdens as you do so. Do not put them into the ground, only on top.

Once your burdens have been said and your seeds placed ask that the spirits to aid you in removing these burdens from your life. You can be as elaborate or as simple as you want here.

Dip your fingers into the rain water and flick it onto the seeds that you have placed before you saying, “As these seeds grow, so does my life; In a positive, prosperous direction.”

Once you’ve dampened the seeds, offer the rest of your rain water to the earth and state, “Spirits of this land, I have done my best, I leave all within your helpful hands.”