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Can A Cleansing Hurt My Companion

I often get emails asking if a cleansing or banishing will harm or release a bound companion.

If your companions have been bound correctly by an experienced practitioner, no cleansing, clearing or banishing ritual may cause them any ill effects or release them from their bindings. This includes both spirits and entities.

If a companion is with you of their own free will - ie not bound magickally to a vessel - a cleansing or clearing will not harm them, but a banishing will.

If you have unbound companions, it’s very important that you instruct them to stay away from your home as well as the immediate area during the process. I recommend vacating the premises for 3 to 5 days until the energy of the banishing dissipates.

In addition, a cleansing or clearing will not negate the magickal spell cast energy attached to any vessel. Spells that are imbued correctly are also bound.