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Titles of Draconic Traditions

The hierarchy system for Draconic Clans are not always the same. Each tradition follows their own path so the titles that are listed here may or may not translate over into another tradition of dragon magick.

Coepi - This is the title given to an Initiate; a person who has completed all the lessons of the Clan and has dedicated themselves to the Draconic path. They wear the white sash or white cord, which is colored for the element Air showing that they have gained knowledge during their teachings.

Sacerdotis - A Priest or Priestess of the Draconic Clan. There is only one title for this position, not one for each sex.

Sacerdotis wear a red sash or red cord, showing that they have made it through the fire, the trials and tribulations, of their first year within the order.

You must be an active practitioner of Draconic magick through this time, which means invoking dragons in your ritual work and working with them as necessary. Your year begins the day that you begin studying, so that your time as coepi applies toward your sacerdotis status.

Once you become a sacerdotis, you may be nominated or voted in as the head of a Clan within your tradition.

Magister - This title denotes a teacher of the Draconic Tradition. It is not for everyone as not all sacerdotis feel the need to pass on the knowledge that they have learned. In order to teach the Clan lessons you must be a sacerdotis and either receive permission from the head of the Clan or be voted in as such by the members of the Clan, depending upon the path your tradition follows.

The sash or cord color that the Magister wears is blue for water, showing the flowing of knowledge from one to another.

The sash is worn in conjunction with whatever other level you are currently at.

The title is often used in conjunction with the others - Sacerdotis Magister, Dominus Magister, and Majores Magister. However, a practitioner may choose to only apply the Magister title to their name.

Dominus - This title is given to a Master practitioner in the draconic craft; one who has been an active practitioner for at least five years.

It is at the time that one may branch off and create their own Clan. The color sash or cord that a dominus wears is green for earth, indicating that they have proven themselves to be steady and stable.

Majores - This is the final rank that draconic practitioner can receive; it is the status of Elder. This is a person who has been an active practitioner for at least ten years.

You do not have to have been a magister or a head of a Clan in order to reach this status; draconic practitioners honor those who have made a long term study and devotions to the Dragons. The sash or cord that a majores wears is black, for Chaos and for the energy of the Dragons.

The title is often used in conjunction with other titles. However, a practitioner may choose to only apply the Magister title to their name.