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Dragon Rune Spread

1. HOW OTHERS SEE ME: This rune lets you know the dominant energy that others notice in you. This allows you to see how you present yourself to others and if it is favorable or unfavorable.

2. MY FEARS: This is exactly what it says it is ? it reveals our fears, either hidden or unhidden.

3. WHAT I SEEK: This rune sheds light on what you are looking or striving for. This is also may be something that you are aware of or it might reveal something that is unknown, in which case this may be causing friction as you are subconsciously yearning for something and might be working against it.

4. MY BEST APPROACH: It will give you an idea of what you need to do to reach what you seek, however this rune is only temporary in its advice. What it tells you today may change with the course of events.

5. MY GOAL: What your ultimate is along this path.

6. OBSTACLES TO OVERCOME: This is an internal obstacle that you must overcome before you can work towards your goal.

7. OUTSIDE INFLUENCES: This is how others react to you and if they want to help you succeed or will try to hinder you.

8. THE WAY TO MY TRUE SELF: This rune lets you know what you must develop within yourself in order to reach you goal.

9. MY TRUE SELF: This is your True Will, your ideal self that is completely in tune with the world. This rune will let you know what attributes your inner self has. This rune will change as you grow. BEST POSSIBLE

10. OUTCOME: This is the best outcome to the situation that is based on the person that you are now. If you change, your outcome will also change.