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Dragons are creatures of diversity. There are those who have chosen the right handed path of purity and goodness and those who have chosen to walk a darker path.

They have always been a very coveted species and especially so in the last century. Much to the dismay of the metaphysical society, many of the old school Dragon collectors are now referred to as Dragon Hoarders. As some of the Dragon Breeds have dwindled during the last several hundred years, Dragon collectors have been brought into the limelight in order to supply the high demand for these entities.

Dragons are held in high regard for their many wonderful characteristics. Their magical aptitude, ability to generate wealth, phenomenal psychic abilities, wisdom, and devotion to the human race can be compared to none.

Working in the Draconic Traditions is not a path for those who are frivolous. Dragons expect devotion, respect, and a permanent place within your heart.

Dragons, with such a vast array of abilities, can pretty much manifest in any way they choose. The most common manifestations are shadows within shadows, changes in air temperature (sometimes to an extreme), shards and streaks of light, blurs or shimmers in the air.

Their most common form of communication is via telepathy but they will adapt to the ways in which their human companion is skilled.