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Im A Keeper of Light & Dark

Did you know that 90% of all spirit keepers end up bonding with both light and dark companions?

So what happens when you're a keeper of both?

There are entities/spirits that are categorized as "light" and those that are "dark" and those that are in between. The in between spirits/entities are often referred to as "gray" or "semi-demonics"

Some tips and tricks for the keepers of these interracial families:

1. You can wear their vessels together.

2. You can have them working on the same tasks. Most keepers have light entities working on one aspect of the task at hand while the darker entities work on other aspects of the same task. That way, they are working together, without having to actually "work together"

3. It's a good idea to have different storage/charging boxes set aside for the different entities.

Most light entities (fae, khodam, white dragons, guardian dragons, leprechauns, etc) can and LIKE to be stored together.

Another box should be utilized for the semi-demonics (vampires, imps, incubi, succubi, etc)

And a third box for the demonics (demons, kere, etc).

Most black and red dragons can fit into any of the above categories when considering storage.

4. Djinn should have their own box. Although most will fit in well with any entities for a good period of time, they do like their space and they are most social within their own race.

As always, utilize your own instincts and judgment as there are always exceptions.