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We do offer layaway on any item over $100.


*20% down payment

*Payments will be negotiated between Spirited Enterprise & Buyer

*Any and all items must be paid for within 3 months of the initial down payment

*If you cannot pay for your item within 3 months, contact us. We are happy to work with you.

Exchanges & Layaway

There have been a couple of incidents this year where people have wanted to exchange something that they have on layaway for something else.

We don’t do it. Let me tell you why.

As of 2019, we have apx 170 sources that we obtain wares from.

1. Our own sisters here at SE

2. Oran & Ian and their family

3. Coven stock - things cast as a group as well as things from our coven safe.

4. We have 22 full time consigners - sisters that are part time members of SE but no longer live in the area.

5. We have 64 part time consigners - these are trusted outside affiliates of SE who deal magickals only in the private world. They contribute when they have something that we have a need for.

When you put something on layaway and make your down payment. That payment then goes to the person that created the piece, whether it’s an amulet or entity. When you want to exchange it for something from someone else’s stock, then that practitioner must collect whatever money you’ve paid from the person that received the payment initially.

Our consignors are from all over the world. Calling, emailing or running around trying to collect money from someone else is something that we just don’t have time for.

When you put something on layaway, we expect you to fulfill your obligation to pay for it in full.

Best Offers

We consider reasonable offers!

You are welcome to submit best offers on any item over $100.

When submitting your offer, please use the title of the item in your email.