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Knot Magick

Magick cords, also known as Witch’s Ladders are based on four-thousand-year-old knot magick.

There are several variations and below is the one that is most commonly used.

Select a cord, string, or piece of yarn in a color that corresponds with your goal. It must be made of natural fiber such as cotton, silk, wool, etc.

Cut a piece apx 2 feet long.

Bless the cord as you see fit.

Next, concentrate on your goal.

Begin tying the knots.

Tie the cord into 8 evenly spaced knots. The ninth knot, is used to tie the cord together, forming a circle.

As the last knot is tied, visualize only your goal.

Hide the cord until its work is done, handling it occasionally in order to imbue it with your own personal energy.

One of the most famous magickal cords is called the Cheater’s cord.

The cord is sometimes personalized by using a cord that belongs to the cheater, such as a cotton string from the waistband of sweatpants or from a hoodie OR by completing the ninth knot using a personal belonging such as a button or piece of material from his/her favorite piece of clothing.

A mantra is created prior to the working, corresponding the 8 knots with an aspect of the problem at hand

As the first knot is tied, one may command, “Thou shall not cheat”

As the second knot is tied, one may command, “Thou shall remain faithful to your wife/husband”

As the third knot is tied, one may command, “Thou shall not have any contact with _____”

As the first knot is tied, one may command, “Thou shall not think about _____”

And so on.

Be creative. Focus. And don’t be afraid to make the spell your own!