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Help! My Spirit Left Me!

IF your entity/spirit is bound correctly, it cannot abandon you!

The bindings used by conjurers prevent this from happening.

So...can an entity be stolen by another conjurer?

Absolutely...however, it is highly unlikely.


It is a very complicated and time consuming process. Not just anyone can do it. It would take a very skilled and learned practitioner to do so.

Magickal bindings are what keep your entities and spirits tethered to their vessel as well as to the physical realm. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different types of bindings. Bindings are known to every tradition of magick. In order to actually remove a binding, a practitioner must know the exact process of the binding put in place.

Even then, it is such a time consuming process to unbind, hold, re-summon, and rebind a spirit or entity that most people just don?t care to attempt it.

Its true, there are conjurers out there who can remove almost any binding, but why would they steal your entity when they can conjure their own?

In addition, ethical conjurers and spirit dealers abide by a code of conduct, perse. This kind of activity is highly unethical and very few, if any, resort to such behavior.

If your entity has not been bound by an experienced practitioner, then, yes, it is a possibly that your entity/spirit has broken its bindings. However, again, this is very unlikely as even the simplest bindings are effective.

Your entity / spirit can ignore you however. If that is the case, take the time to understand why.

If you are having trouble feeling or sensing your entity, please see our other article:

Why cant I feel my spirit/entity.