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Communicating with spirits via Pendulum

Trips & Tricks on how to better communicate with your entities via a pendulum...

1. Make sure you cleanse your pendulum either in salt water or via a charging/cleansing box after each use.

This will make sure that there are no residual energies residing with the pendulum itself from prior communications.

2. When communicating with a bound companion, make sure that ALL of your other companions are either in containment or storage OR that you've opened a circle in which only the companion you're communicating with is welcome.

Doing so will ensure that none of your other companions are interrupting and/or answering on behalf of the companion you're trying to communicate with.

3. If/when you receive odd, conflicting, or answers that you know not to be true, stop the current communication session and cleanse your pendulum. Start a new session by opening a communication circle in which only the companion you're working with is welcome.

This will ensure that no unbound or unwanted entity is interfering and/or answering on the behalf of the entity you're trying to communicate with.

4. If you're having trouble with the traditional right swing/left swing or clockwise and counterclockwise workings of the pendulum, try a pendulum board. You can actually make one yourself using a piece of paper if you wish. It only has to be as fancy as you wish to make it.

Having additional focus on actual words (Yes, No, Maybe) may aid in more accurate communications.

5. If you're still having trouble, try a different pendulum all together.

Select one that you know vibrates well with your own energy.


I cannot stress this enough. Not every communication experience is perfect. All good things take time and especially so when you are still in the bonding process with a new companion. Don't give up. Be diligent.