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Shell Scrying

Divination with Sea Shells

Scrying with sea shells is becoming more and more popular over the last few years.

One has to try it out for themselves to believe it!!

Most people are familiar with the sound of when a shell is placed over the ear.

It sort of sounds like the ocean. But in fact, it is the sound of blood flowing through the vessels in your ear.

If, however, you listen to this sound long enough, you will eventually be able to pick up fragments of conversation!

At first you may be able to only make out a few words, but in time you will come to understand whole segments of conversations.

The subject of this talk will sometimes be meaningless or unknown to you, but then, there are times where it seems as though the voices will actually respond to your own thoughts or questions that you hold in your mind!

Its unbelievable, truly!

I’ve found that it works with shells purchased in stores as well as those found on the beach, so I don’t think it matters where they come from.