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A short list of the most commonly used shells in magick.

Abalone - Abalone shells are generally used as an offering vessel for empowered or magickal items. Herbs, gemstones, incense, etc. Abalone is thought to enhance the natural magick within an item.

Clam - Clam shells are used in rituals pertaining to purification, love, general relationships and healing. They are also combined with magickal symbols, like runes etched into either the inside or outside shell to create talismans.

Conch - Conches are generally used in magick pertaining to love and romantic relationships.

Cone - Cone shells are a powerful additive in protection and cleansing magick.

Cowrie - Cowrie shells are used in magick involving money, advancement, prosperity and enhancing feminine spiritual energy.

Left-handed Whelks - Generally used in magick involving positive, dramatic and necessary change.

Limpets - Used in rituals involving confidence, physical, emotional and mental strength, courage and decision making.

Moon shells - Moon shells are used in rituals involving cleansing, purification, peace, enhancing psychic advancement and awareness.

Olive shells - Used in healing and cleansing rites.

Oysters - Oysters are used in rituals pertaining to good fortune, reversing bad luck, love and relationships.

Dentalium shells (also known as tooth shells) - Used in magick pertaining to wealth and career advancement.

Sand Dollars - Used in castings geared towards knowledge, truth and wisdom.

Scallops - Used in magick pertaining to physical movement, travel, relocation.