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Spirit Manifestations - What to Expect

It's important to realize that manifestations normally do not happen simply because you ask your companions to produce something that you can see with your eyes.

Although ALL spirits and entities can produce some form of manifestations, some find it very disrespectful to demand such a thing of them. They tend to see manifestations as "parlor tricks."

Also, it takes a huge amount of energy to produce a manifestation in our realm since this is not their natural environment.

MOST manifestations are the result of pent up or an overabundance of your spirit/entities natural energy. Too much energy makes them feel hyper and out of balance so they release it, which results in a manifestation of some kind.

Because they also absorb energy from, not only you, their human companion, but also their environment, when there is more activity, one can expect more and/or larger scale manifestations.

Pay attention on days when the weather is more active...thunderstorms, windy days, etc.

Also on days when you are more active.

Often, during these times, you will experience more "cold spots" which, most people tend to agree, that this is your companion gathering energy from their surroundings.

The type of manifestations you can expect:

Almost all spirits/entities have certain types of manifestations in common.

These are:

Streaks of light


Flashes of light

Blurs in the air

Audible sounds, sighs, knocking, tapping, footsteps, and even words



Shadows within shadows

Hot spots

Cold spots

Electronic disturbance

Tingly Sensations

The feeling of someone being in the room or even close to you

The feeling of being stared at

Other manifestations that one may experience with various, but not all manifestations:

Full body apparitions

Blurry apparitions

Possession of animals & insects

Manifestations of odd animals and insects

Another important thing to remember is that manifestations WILL happen eventually. Take your time. Don't be demanding.

When your companion feels its OK and that you will be comfortable with it, they will show you.

Take pictures in low light. ASK your companion to appear in the photographs. It might take 300 pictures to get one manifestation...but trust me, once you get it, you will be a changed person!!