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Using the Laws of Attraction

The Laws of attraction can be simplified into, "Like attracts Like."

By changing your thought patterns and personal energy to reflect what you want most, you should then be attracting situations that reflect and match what you desire.

This can be simple or difficult depending upon your ability to keep your thoughts and energy focused on POSITIVE results more so than negative ones.

Much of what you attract in life depends on how easily you can put yourself into a particular frame of being that matches your desire, without conflicting energies.

A simple technique that can aid you in this process:

What you need:



1. Write down, in detail, the specifics of the relationship, friendship, or situation of your dreams.

Be as specific as possible and make it a moment worth remembering. Use a favorite pen or fancy paper.

Knowing exactly what you want is important and can aid you in your focus along the way.

Set this paper aside. You can look at it later if you like, but for some, it may not be necessary.

2. The most important thing is to LOVE YOURSELF.

How is anyone going to love you the way you want to be loved if you don't love you first??

According to some, the law of attraction will answer any emotion you are feeling with the same kind of emotion.

If you're having trouble loving or even liking yourself, start with something small. Pick something great about yourself, and focus on giving yourself some recognition.

Each week, pick something new.

You're a great parent, you make a great hotdish, you keep a clean house, you're a good friend, you have great legs, you have beautiful eyes, your butt looks awesome in a pair of jeans, you make great scrapbooking pages...WHATEVER.

Be as specific or as broad as you want.

Listen to those around you...when someone tells you something good about yourself. Don't forget it. Tuck that compliment away for later.

Write it all down if you like...make yourself a "Loving Myself List" if need be so that when you're feeling doubtful, you have something tangible to look at.

Before you know it, those things that you love about yourself will outweigh the things that you thought you hated about you.

3. Practice daily meditation. Even if its just 15 minutes a day to focus on the positive aspects of your life and push away the negative.

4. Focus on and visualize the perfect scenario. Do this until it feels real to you. FEEL what it is that you desire most. The more you feel that desire inside, the more you radiate those desires on the outside.

Visualization is most powerful when it is accompanied by emotion--in other words, don't just create an image without also imagining how you would feel about it when it occurs. Feeling love and joy when visualizing desired situations attracts those feelings back to you. Take a few minutes each day to do this

5. Be patient.

This is hard sometimes when we've wanted something for so long. We get to the point where we just want it now, without having to wait.

Impatience though, is a negative process and can actually slow things down for you.

When you start feeling impatient feelings, take a minute for yourself. Sit back, BREATHE. Focus on the positive.