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The Power of Intention

Never underestimate the power of your Intention. It represents the most powerful magical tool at your disposal. Intention is pure Energy. It is the divine creative Force behind all cosmic, universal and human designs.

The efficiency of intention relies on two factors

1 - Establishing a purpose

2 - Intensity

Establishing a purpose, or setting a goal - is necessary as it gives us a direction. It affects the trajectory of the creative Energy. The practical question is: What do you wish to achieve?

The more precise your answer is, the clearer your path will be.

The second factor is intensity. This is the focus you draw into your thoughts.

The greater the concentration, passion and amount of energy that you can give your attention, the greater and faster the results will appear.

Coincidences won’t be coincidences but messages and divine signs that will automatically make sense.

The practical question is: How much do you want this dream to come true? To be part of your reality? To be fully experienced?.… You need to engage your entire being into this process.

The understanding of who you are is the key. Be aware of your thoughts, your choices, your decisions, your beliefs and more so your power… Remember that your reality always matches the way you perceive the world outside.

And remember that the way you perceive the world outside always matches the way you perceive yourself.