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Using Dowsing Rods to Locate Spirit Activity

Many people practice the art of using dowsing, or divining rods to locate spiritual and/or ghost activity.

There are 2 different types.

One is the Y shaped wooden rod and the other are L shaped metal rods.

Using them is fairly simple.

1. Relax your mind and think positive thoughts.

If you like, you can ask for aid and direction from divine sources.

2. Concentrate on what you're looking for. Think only of a spirit or spiritual activity.

3. Wrap your fingers around the dowsing rod handles or the short end of the rod if it does not have a handle. The long end/s should stick out in front of you. Curl your fingers into a fist but let them relax so the dowsing rod can swing freely. Place your thumb on top of your fingers.

4. Again, concentrate on what you're looking for. Ask questions aloud of this makes the process easier.

Ask questions like: "Is there a spirit present here?" or "Is there paranormal activity present in this location?"

5. Pay close attention to the rods as you move around an area. If the rods or a rod turns a certain way, move that way until they turn again.

When the rods cross, it indicates that you have found something.

You can also ask a yes or no question and explain out loud that if the rods uncross this means no and if the rods cross this means yes.

For the Y-shaped dowsing rod, when it points downward this is the same as the two metal rods crossing.